The Future of Our Business: Digital Transformation and Talent Management..

Saydağ said, “We see that pre-Covid-19 trends accelerate much more with the effect of Covid-19.” The work expected to be done by automation within 5 years can be transferred to automation within 3 years.

Ezgi Demirdağ Saydağ, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, shared the impact of digital transformation on the workforce, which accelerated with the pandemic, in his speech titled “The Future of Our Business: Digital Transformation and Talent Management”.

Saydağ, the future of our business which we reported to you at the beginning of January: The Transformation of Turkey in the Digital Age Skill report was reinterpreted with changes in the pandemic.

How did companies react to the Covid-19 era?

Speaking at the beginning of his speech about how companies reacted to the Covid-19 period, Saydağ stated that in the first place, companies and their workforce naturally focused on protecting their health. Then companies within the scope of resilience; “How do we use our resources effectively in this period?” He turned to the answer to his question. Stating that companies have started making periodic plans on this issue, Saydağ added that we are currently in the process of getting used to the new normal.

Stating that companies have recently focused on both the mood and productivity of their employees, Saydağ explained that the companies started to think about the post-pandemic and the near future in the last step. Summarizing the situation for companies as “We are trying to understand how the future will be shaped from other sectors and companies”, Saydağ questioned how much of the learning and habits for automation and digitalization would be permanent.

“We see that pre-Covid-19 trends accelerate much faster with the effect of Covid-19”

Saydağ, in his speech, “We see that the trends before Covid-19 have accelerated much more with the effect of Covid-19.” At this point, he gave examples such as the digitization of meetings, events and the rapid adaptation of employees to the programs used.

In addition, Saydağ said that the workforce and working mentality that awaited us 5-10 years later under the roof of “Future of Work” was close. Stating that half of our work can be automated, Saydağ said, “This allows us to double our productivity and efficiency is the most important source of GDP (growth).” said.

FOW is Now!

with senior executives from all sectors of work they manage the digitization and automation transfer Saydağ focus in Turkey, how much can be transferred to the automation of labor activity in 2000 may be lost or viewed. In this context, the questions of how current trends will accelerate and which competencies will change in the workforce were answered.


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