As a coding & robotics brand, MakerCodes provides online coding and programming workshops for kids starting from 6 years old and online corporate development training for adults.

Our curriculum is twenty-four weeks long, and the lessons are carried out in an hour and a half long workshop sessions, one day per week.

We also provide workshops for requested specific coding and programming subjects outside of the curriculum program.

Workshops can be performed in either private sessions or group sessions.

  • Online Corporate Coding & Software Development Services
    • Our corporate training is conducted over 2-hour Webinars, with one or two-day online lessons.
  • Online personal development programs for adults
    • Individual participants can take part in both private lessons and bootcamps.
    • Private lessons can be given on any individually requested coding and software subject.
  • Online group coding & software development programs
  • Online coding & robotics workshops for kids starting from 6 years 
    • Our online kids coding workshops include Microsoft Minecraft coding, Roblox Studio coding and Unity coding.
    • Online robotics workshops are arranged and performed with the robots families can provide for the courses. 


Please contact us for free trial online coding & robitic workshops.