Kid Workshops


LEVEL 1  4-6 yrs-old pre-school coding workshops

  • For pre-school workshops, we are using tablet applications like Tinkercad for introduction to basic Coding.
  • We are also giving pre-school robotics workshops with Coding for Kids tools like Code-a-pillar and Cubetto. 

LEVEL 2  6-10 yrs-old coding workshops

  • Our coding lessons for 6-10 years old start with Microsoft Minecraft Coding; depending on the students’ improvement and progression, kids can continue with Roblox Coding.
  • Some students can also get introduced to Unity coding if they show good progression in Roblox Coding. 

LEVEL 3  10-16 yrs-old coding workshops

  • Our workshops for 10-16 years old include Python, Unity, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Target is creating an enjoyable coding & robotics environment for kids.

Content is consisting different coding applications with games & computer coding blocks to improve their algorithmic thinking & develop their computational skills.

# Kids are able to code their games after ten months of workshop attendance.


Today, many kids are both encouraged and eager to learn coding. Our aim is to help parents keep up with their kids’ interest in coding, easily participate in their kids’ coding activities, and create an enjoyable environment for coding as a family activity.

We give family workshops through online Microsoft Minecraft Coding lessons.

Content is consisting different coding applications to improve their algorithmic thinking & computational skills.