Ministry of Commerce introduced “Easy Export Platform” with artificial intelligence.

T.R. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan introduced the Easy Export Platform. The platform supports companies wishing to export; It makes it easier for them to discover the most suitable markets, access sectoral analysis and current legislation.

The Ministry of Commerce introduced the Easy Export Platform with a launch organized today. T.R. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan introduced the Easy Export Platform at the Presidency Dolmabahçe Work Office. It makes it easier for them to discover the most suitable markets, to access the sector analysis and current legislation.

On the platform, to the markets that companies want to export; The commercial regulations of the countries are also included while offering which products they can enter. At the same time, with statistics and analysis; There are also hints on how to act in order to be successful in the market.

The Artificial Intelligence-supported Easy Export Platform is the first algorithm to make a market recommendation using public data. The platform has more than 5 thousand Customs Tariff Statistics Positions, data on more than 190 countries. These data, obtained from more than 10 domestic and international databases, reveal more than 10 thousand effective parameters with machine learning. Thus, the platform performs over 10 million calculations and provides customized target market data.

Companies that want to export can learn which markets their products can be suitable for thanks to the platform, while viewing the countries preferred by rival companies. Likewise, trade products suitable for countries are also shown to companies. Platform as well as removing them from meaningful values ​​Turkey’s exports ecosystems; It enables companies to make data-based decisions. The platform directs companies to appropriate markets with the analysis of current data.

Use of the platform and modules

Platform, open to all citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Those who want to use the platform can log in via ​​with their e-government password. The Easy Export Platform comes up with 6 different modules in phase-1 capacity. These modules have the names of Smart Export Robot, Market Entry Map, Country Page, Sector Page, Export Cockpit and Legislation Module.

Smart Export Robot

Turkey and provided one of the most important and comprehensive database in the world live and current data, machine learning-based export processed by Intelligent Robot.

Market Entry Map

In this way, let us say that exporters can obtain information about comparative analyzes, tax rates, non-tariff barriers and competitors in the market with more than one million Market Entry Maps differentiating from 5400 products and 190 countries.

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