Myths That Affect How You Approach Learn to Code

  • “It might be too late for me to start learning to code.” 

This is probably one of the most common perceptions about learning how to code. Today, many children have coding courses in their elementary schools, or many new generations learn to code independently. This creates the perception that learning how to code is a skill that might be too late to start for adults. However, this is not true. Coding is like any other skill; once you commit to learning, you can learn it, no matter how old you are. 

  • “Coding can only be learned by people with good math skills.” 

Even though coding uses mathematical terms and sometimes math operations, it does not require strong mathematical skills. The core skills behind coding are logic and logical reasoning. Seeing numbers on a coding screen might visually overwhelm someone who is not interested in math; but, once you start learning the basics of coding, you will realize that you will have fun and not worry about being a social scientist. 

  • “Coding is not important in my business field; why would I need coding skills?”

Today’s business world relies on technology in a variety of fields. Where there is technology, there is programming; and where there is programming, there is coding. In social sciences, we need to study people, do research, and collect data. These are done way quicker, more efficiently, and more encompassing with the help of different programming. Thus, knowing how to code can bring different research techniques to your business, put you ahead of your competitors, and make you unique compared to your peers, even though you thought coding has no benefits for your business.   

  • “Learning how to code is not a fun activity, and I won’t be able to show my creativity.”

The starting classes of coding seem like all memorization and the classic-boring “repeat after the instructions” style activities like any new skill you want to improve. Once you go past the first steps, you will get the opportunity to show off what you learned to code what you want. This step is where coding becomes fun and turns into one of the best tools to be free with your creativity in the century of technology. Any game you play, an app you use, a site you visit and say, “Wow, this is so good, how did they think of that?” they all went through the same learning steps and ended up impressing millions of people. Thus, once you start coding by yourself, you might end up creating one of the most used apps in the world. What is more creative than that for today’s generations? 

  • “Coding can be expensive because of the equipment I have to buy.” 

With the developing technology of laptops and PCs, we believe that we need the most expensive equipment for the best programming and coding experiences. This is not true. Coding is just a simple screen full of words and numbers. Thus, you do not need perfect equipment to start learning to code. You may need to upgrade if you want to code complex or developed programming, but that is after you learned how to code and you are comfortable with writing your own coding. Thus, to learn how to code, you can use regular laptops and PCs.

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